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Kathryn's Life With Horses

Current Activity


Kathryn is a USDF Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalist.  She has an active lesson program for youth and adult riders and also offers training services.  Kathryn has experience starting young horses, riding and competing FEI horses, and working with many in between.  She values ongoing education, continuously striving to improve her skills and be the best trainer she can be for her horses and students.  This past summer she graduated with distinction from the USDF L Program and came away from the program with an increased understanding of the judge's perspective.


Dressage training

Kathryn and Doublette

(Photo by Carolynn Bunch Photography)


Kathryn and Anske C

Kathryn believes horses are by nature extremely sensitive and willing.  When this does not appear to be the case for a particular horse, Kathryn begins by looking at the horse as a whole, evaluating past traumas or potential physical pain that could be causing unwanted behaviors.  For example, one horse with chronic bucking issues was discovered to have a severe stomach ulcer.  When the ulcer was cleared up, so did the bucking issue.  Horses try to communicate with us, and it is our job to listen.  After ensuring that a horse is physically comfortable, Kathryn progresses training in a patient, yet directed, fashion, encouraging the horse to find his  own natural balance and confidence while developing his abilities and strength.



Kathryn began riding at the age of six and knew from that point on that she wanted to work with horses as a career.  She began her lifetime of education by taking lessons and has stayed in regualr lessons with numerous trainers throughout her life.  She also joined Equine 4-H, which she actively participated in for 9 years.  She is grateful to her parents for supporting her horse obsession and purchasing her first horse for her when she was eleven.


Dressage training

Kathryn and her 4-H horse, Mo

Dressage training

Beginning her dressage education with Roxsand WF - 2007

Kathryn fell in love with the discipline of dressage in high school and started focusing her efforts there. She was fortunate to have the opportunity to ride and compete Roxsand WF, owned by Cathi Jensen of Wilderness Farms. In college she continued her dressage pursuits by joining the Washington State University Intercollegiate Dressage Team, on which she qualified for and attended the Intercollegiate Dressage Association Nationals two consecutive years. Her senior year, she studied abroad at the University of Limerick in order to take advantage of their Equine Science program.  In 2012, Kathryn began a full-time working student position at AP Dressage, studying under Alyssa Pitts.  She is grateful to Alyssa for giving her the opportunity to ride many different horses of varying ages and experience and coaching her to her Gold medal.


  • USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

  • 68.7% at Grand Prix

  • L Program Graduate with Distinction

  • Experience with many different breeds and types of horses

  • Experience starting green horses as well as riding FEI competition horses

  • Kathryn values ongoing education to improve her skills. She rides regularly in lessons and clinics.

    • ​Kathryn has ridden with the following trainers and clinicians: Alyssa Pitts, Garyn Heidemann, Anne Gribbons, Sabine Schut-Kery, Barbara Koot, Christiane Noelting, and Christophe Theallet

    • Participated in Donida Farm's 2014 Through the Levels Symposium with Janet Foy and Scott Hassler

    • Attended the 2017 Trainer's Symposium with Jan Ebeling

  • 2020 Certificate of Recognition for Continuing Education from the USDF University

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