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Kathryn Christensen Dressage Horses for Sale

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                          Poetry - $18,000
Gorgeous Palomino Warmblood!

Poetry is an 8 year old, 15.1 hand Zweibrucker mare with tons of potential. She's a TOTAL love and sweetheart. She's only been with us a couple weeks, and she's already become a barn favorite! (My groom is actually seriously considering buying her, and I have to admit I thought about taking her on as a project myself too). She's super sensitive and willing. Even with low miles and not a lot of formal training, we can toy with all the lateral work simply because she's so agile and willing. She'll do best with a tactful, quiet rider because of her sensitivity. Can be a little spooky, but in a very honest way. As she gains miles, strength and confidence, she could easily move up the levels! Voltaire is her great grandsire. Also has some trail experience.


Price includes tack, blankets, etc and reflects some findings on x rays. Best suited to relatively low intensity home, light arena work and/or tail riding. Could be a fun competitive horse for trail/obstacle classes! 4H all-around horse? Mounted archery? Western dressage? Great mind and fun to work with. Even did some driving in his early years! Lots of possibilities, this guy will be a fun partner and is excited for new adventures!

Calico - SOLD

Calico is a 9 year old, 15.2 hand Gypsy/Friesian gelding looking for his new best friend! Current owner is moving to Hawaii. He's been in dressage training for the past two years and schools 1st-2nd level. He's also done quite a bit of trail riding. He's pretty laid back and dependable, and as you'll see in his "temperament " video, you can ride him with umbrellas, plastic bags, etc! I've dropped the reins entirely and trotted and cantered circles, figure eights, and serpentines! He does care how his rider feels though, and a confident rider who doesn't get spooky or uncertain themselves helps best bring out the best in him. He's very much a people horse with a loveable in your pocket personality!


HPB Wild At Heart - SOLD

HPB Wild At Heart is a gorgeous, unique dark buckskin 2015 Hungarian Warmblood cross, 15.3 hands. She has a solid start and is starting to school a little first level. She's incredibly smart and fun to work with. You can really feel her thinking through things. She likes to work and is a little on the hotter end of the spectrum, without being crazy. She's the perfect blend. She's not particularly spooky and would be safe for an AA with some experience. Not for a beginner just because she is three coming four and need to continue to grow in experience and confidence. She's been out on the trails a few times too!

DSC01227 (3).jpg
DSC01274 (2).jpg
Anske C - SOLD

Amateur’s Dream Horse! Quality gaits, willing disposition, and incredibly loving personality. This 2008 Friesian mare has the whole package! She’ll be your best friend, and she has tons of potential as well! "Anske C." is schooling first and second level and making wonderful progress after a late start into dressage. Lots of trail miles prior to her dressage career make her a great partner in and out of the arena!

She has three lovely gaits, is a quick learner, and is incredibly sweet. Anske loves being groomed, is easy to handle on the ground, does well in new places, and is very dependable.


Registered with FHANA. Anske was awarded 1st premium status as a foal and 2nd premium status as a 3-year-old.

15.3 hands, Sound and No vices. UTD on vaccines and teeth.