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Lilith - $7000
Great Brain in
Adorable Package

Lilith is a 14.3 hand 2007 Arabian cross mare (unregistered). She's been ridden english and western, in the arena and on the trails. She's done some obstacle work and is great at it. Her smart, logical mind makes her very fun and rewarding to work with. She has low miles for her age, having just been started at 13. Older horses can be tricky to start after a life of leisure, but she wasn't at all. She took to being ridden like a champ from the start, never offering to buck or rear. She's been ridden with tractors, umbrellas, dogs, and more! (See video). She does do best with a confident rider who can help show her these things are ok, since she did spend most of her life in a field. She's had one owner since she was 6 months old, so her full history is known. Great feet, totally sound barefoot, even on gravel trails. No lameness issues. No history of injuries. No vices. Just testy enough to not be a total beginner's horse (she's smart), but it doesn't take much to let her know you're in charge. Advanced beginner would be fine, especially with guidance. ONLY for sale due to owner's health issues. Owner has never sold a horse before and will be VERY picky about what home she goes to. She's very well-loved!

Poetry - SOLD
Gorgeous Palomino Warmblood!

Stand out in the ring with this gorgeous palomino warmblood mare! Poetry is a 2013 15.1 hand Zweibrucker mare, and she is one of the sweetest, kindest horses I've ever worked with. She tries her heart out and never says no. She has low miles, super willingness, and TONS of potential. She is sensitive and needs to build some confidence, so she'll do best with a quiet rider. No buck, rear, bolt, or anything naughty though. As she gains miles, strength and confidence, she could easily move up the levels! Voltaire is her great grandsire. Also has some trail experience.



Cesar - SOLD

This 3.5 year old 15.3 hand Andalusian cross gelding has a solid foundation in the arena and on the trails. Quiet and willing, he's really fun to work with. Happy to go forward, but also never gives you the feeling that you can't stop. Super responsive. Understands basic walk, trot, canter and lateral aids. He's still young and needs miles, but he hasn't shown any tendency to buck or bolt or anything naughty. Should be a fun project for a knowledgeable AA to bring along and train up the levels!
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HPB Wild At Heart - SOLD

HPB Wild At Heart is a gorgeous, unique dark buckskin 2015 Hungarian Warmblood cross, 15.3 hands. She has a solid start and is starting to school a little first level. She's incredibly smart and fun to work with. You can really feel her thinking through things. She likes to work and is a little on the hotter end of the spectrum, without being crazy. She's the perfect blend. She's not particularly spooky and would be safe for an AA with some experience. Not for a beginner just because she is three coming four and need to continue to grow in experience and confidence. She's been out on the trails a few times too!

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Anske C - SOLD

Amateur’s Dream Horse! Quality gaits, willing disposition, and incredibly loving personality. This 2008 Friesian mare has the whole package! She’ll be your best friend, and she has tons of potential as well! "Anske C." is schooling first and second level and making wonderful progress after a late start into dressage. Lots of trail miles prior to her dressage career make her a great partner in and out of the arena!

She has three lovely gaits, is a quick learner, and is incredibly sweet. Anske loves being groomed, is easy to handle on the ground, does well in new places, and is very dependable.


Registered with FHANA. Anske was awarded 1st premium status as a foal and 2nd premium status as a 3-year-old.

15.3 hands, Sound and No vices. UTD on vaccines and teeth.