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Online Schooling Show Policies

  1. Please send a video that has not been previously judged in person or online.

  2. Videos of tests must be unedited from start to finish, and the horse must be in frame throughout the entire test.

  3. The test must be videoed from C. If there is nowhere to film from outside of the arena at C, it is ok for the camera person to stand inside of the arena and the horse and rider may turn early as necessary to allow for this.

  4. Please use some zooming to keep the horse and rider more visible at the far end of the arena, but do not zoom excessively. Try to stay zoomed out enough (entire ride) so that the judge can assess geometry and accuracy. Do your best to capture every movement.

  5. Try to hold the camera as steady as possible. Tripods are great if available!

  6. A standard-size arena is ideal if available, but if not, just do the best you can to ride your test in the arena you have available. Your judge will be understanding in this regard.

  7. The arena must have letters posted. These can simply be printed on sheets of paper and tacked to the wall or taped to cones placed on the ground.

  8. The test may be called.

  9. Coaching during the test is not allowed, and the natural background sound for the test must be audible. 

  10. If the judge determines that the horse appears lame or off, the judge has the discretionary right to excuse the ride and not continue scoring. Judge will make notes on the score sheet indicating their observations.  The Judge’s decision is final.

  11. There is no dress code, however boots with a heel and a helmet are mandatory.

  12. Boots or wraps on the horse are ok.

  13. Please no martingales, tie-downs, etc.

  14. Riders may ride more than once in each class, but may only place once in each class. If multiple rides are submitted for the same class, only their highest score will be used for placings.

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