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Kathryn feels dressage riders can get a little discouraged or lost when most of what they see is the finished product of training at competitions, or the high-quality horses at clinics who have had wonderful training their entire lives. It's hard sometimes to relate all of that to everyday horses and their everyday training issues. Training isn't always particularly exciting, it isn't always pretty, and it certainly isn't always perfect! Training is a process. It varies in style from horse to horse depending on their personalities, learning styles, histories, and abilities. It's all about helping our horses to become willing, relaxed partners who understand what we want of them and are willing to give it to us.

Kathryn has been fortunate to be able to spend her days riding many different horses, to study under Alyssa Pitts and numerous clinicians, and to work with her own mare Resolute. She hopes that "Ride-Along" will help pass along some of what she has learned and what she does so that others can benefit from it. She tries to post a video every two weeks of an unedited training session: The good, the bad, and everything in between! She posts a variety of different horses so that you can see different horses' challenges and learning styles, and sometimes she repeats the same horse again so that you can see how they're progressing. Enjoy!

Pluto - 2/19/18

Justin - 2/5/18

Bandit - 1/23/18

DVF Kootenai Ice - 9/15/17

Resolute Bay - 9/3/17

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